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Your mission is to hack into each area and destroy all viruses and firewalls inside, ultimately restoring "Eden" from its sleep in the deepest areas of the game world. In order to accomplish this mission, you will have to fulfill the following requirements.

Enter the game area

First select the desired game area and press the start button. Use the lock-on laser to destroy approaching viruses and continue surveying the area until you find the Password Protector, a virus that guards the passcode to each area.

Destroy the Network Opening

Once you destroy the Password Protector, a Network Opening will appear somewhere on the screen. Shooting the Network Opening eight times and destroying it will boost your analyzation level and when your level reaches a certain point you will be led into a deeper area.

Raise Your layer level

Keep destroying the Network Openings as they continue to appear, and raise your layer level as high as possible. If you are able to perfectly destroy every Network Opening, you will be at the maximum layer level of ten.

Destroy the firewall

At the end of each stage, a firewall will be waiting for you. Destroy that firewall and you will have accomplished that area.

Analize all areas
When finishing an area you will be able to see your Analyzation percentage (which also represents your final layer level). This will reflect how many Network Openings you were able to destroy in that particular area. If you have destroyed all the Network Openings and have reached layer level 10, your analyzation percentage will read 100%.

...and Open the gate!
When you are able to obtain a perfect score of 100% for all four different areas, the gate to the fifth area will open. And in the depths of level five will dwell the yet sleeping "Eden". If you succeed in waking up Eden, you will witness yet another area beyond ...